The Top 3 Art Museums in New York

New York is one of the greatest cities in the world, and as such it is home to some of the best museums. Regardless of whether you are looking for classics or contemporary art, you will find the ideal place for yourself in this city. We will help you get started by introducing you to the top three art museums in New York!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Located in Manhattan, this museum could take up your entire day and you still wouldn’t see all it has to offer. Within its neoclassical walls you will find 17 individual collections, all of which are priceless. And it doesn’t really matter which type of art you usually go for, since there you will be able to browse everything from Egyptian artyfacts to the works of some of the most famous contemporary photographers.

S.R. Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim is one of the things New York is best known for – an odd-looking building containing some of the best pieces of art. It is Frank Lloyd Wright’s collection that has grown during the decades to become invaluable to every person interested in art in general. It holds the works of Picasso, Kandinsky, Manet and Chagall. It is also the world’s largest collection of Mapplethorpes. And if you ever visit, make sure to do it the right way. The building is in the shape of a spiral, and the works should be seen by working your way from the bottom to the top.

The Guggenheim Museums and Foundation

Museum of Modern Art

If you are tired of regular museums, MoMA is the ideal place for you. Not only does it contain priceless works of art from all time periods, but it also provides you with an exciting viewing experience thanks to its unusual elements. This includes an actual cinema, a sculpture garden and a very special restaurant and bar. The cinema offers both pricier and more accessible time slots, but the garden is something you really shouldn’t miss – it is decorated with sculptures made by the great Picasso himself. What more could you really want from a single trip to a museum?