Top 5 Best Painters of 2017

When talking about art, we usually refer to the works made by painters and sculptors of old times, such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. But art is a form of expressing ourselves that has never been more alive, which means there are plenty of contemporary artists that have something to offer. What we would like to do here is introduce you to five painters whose works are considered to be the best 2017 has to offer!

Philip Guston

Guston is one of the many politically aware artists of our times. He himself says he cannot allow himself to be frustrated with art in a way that isolates it from the world around us. This is why he has stopped making abstract paintings and turned to figurative painting instead. Many of his works can be seen in New York’s art galleries.

Richard Mosse

Mosse uses cameras to make his works. He is mostly concerned with the migration crisis and the way it affects people’s lives. The reason behind his rejection of the brush and color palettes lies in the fact that his camera can capture people’s faces from a distance of up to 18 miles. You can see his work at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Tania Bruguera

Bruguera has named herself an “artivist”, which would be a combination between an artist and an activist. This accurately presents her work, since her goal is to use art to make her homeland, Cuba, a place where everyone is in charge, and not just the selected few. She is also the founder of Artivismo Hannah Arendt, an institution where civilians can meet to fight for social justice.

Lygia Pape

Pape is one of the many artists that work toward the inclusion of art in people’s everyday lives. In order to make this happen, she herself has decided to break free from abstraction. You can see her works displayed at the Met Breuer.

Jimmie Durham

Durham was in the organization of the American Indian Movement and is now known best for his political activism in the form of art. One of his main goals is to use it to expose the prejudices the West has toward other cultures. His works are displayed at the Hammer Museum and at the Whitney Museum, located in Los Angeles and New York respectively.

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